World FX Markets

Online Training


1. Line graph and Bar-graph,
2. Candlesticks- complete package,
3. Support and Resistance
4. Moving Averages (MA)
5. Fibonacci Ratio,
6. Oscillators and Momentum indicators such as : RSI, Stochastic, CCI, MACD, SAR,
Fractals, ADX, Dollar Index, Bollinger band,
7. Important chart patterns,
8. Pivot Points,
9. Multiple Time Frames,
12.Create Trading System,
13. Trading Strategies based on Technical Studies,


Important Economic data releases of USA, Canada, Euro-zone (i.e. Euro), UK, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, China and other stock and equities markets, INTERNATIONAL POLICIES

1. Market Hours or Trading Sessions, -Asia-London-US
2. Studying Economic Calendars
3. News Trading- Time and technics
4. Balance of Payment
5. GDP and Output Report,
6. Confidence and Sentiment Reports
7. Prices, Wages and Sales Figures-Indusrtial and Service Sector
8. Monetary Policy – Central banks role
9. Interest Rates & Carry Trades
10. Employment Situation-NFP,ADP,WCC,WW
11. Housing Market-New Homes, Existing Homes, Real Estates
12. Trading Strategies based on fundamental analysis


1. Elliott Wave Theory

2. Dow theory

3. Create Trading System

4. Trading Strategies based on Technical Studies

5. Trade psychology: Discipline & Personality

6. U.S. Dollar Index vs. oil & Gold

7. Sentimental Analysis

8. Commodity Currencies & Currency Crosses

9. Money Management & Current Market Research

10. Risk Management portfolio management

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